we made the finals

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for an award, this time the ‘Apprenticeship, Skills and Training’ category as part of the North East Business Awards, due to take place on Thursday 23rd September at Hardwick Hall (time to dust off our dresses and dicky bows!).

This award recognises businesses that have implemented a successful apprentice, training or skills programme as an integral part of developing their workforce and successfully providing career opportunities for the younger generation across the region – go us!

The team behind The Grad Scheme (part of The Verve Group), have been working hard since we launched in 2017 to provide opportunities for people (by people, we mean ANYONE) to introduce them to the rewarding opportunities that are available across financial. Since launching, we have received over 700+ applicants and from this, we have hosted 9 assessment days and hired over 30 new members of staff – some graduates, but more recently (as a response to the unemployment crisis many faced post-pandemic) non-graduates too. Our hard work didn’t stop in 2020 as, even in the midst of a pandemic, we were able to have two new intakes of grads – when other businesses were shrinking, we’re incredibly proud to have provided opportunities for a further 11 people in 2021 alone.

Our CEO, Cathi Harrison, is on a mission to change the face of financial services and prove that a future in finance doesn’t have to follow the usual stereotypes – we like to do things differently here across The Verve Group and The Grad Scheme is no different.

Cathi Harrison, CEO of The Verve Group said “We originally created The Grad Scheme as a way to scale and grow Para-Sols – the first company within our group and that has gone from strength to strength. The fact it’s been recognised for its contribution to job creation for the region is a huge achievement”

We’re really proud to have our work recognised and, what makes this even more important to us, is it’s the first time The Grad Scheme has been singled out for an award! Natalie Bell, Director of Culture at The Verve Group said “After the last 18 months, it’s important to showcase the positive news stories, especially within our region – that’s why we’re incredibly proud of making the shortlist for the North East Business Awards and why we’ll be certainly enjoying a toast on two on the night regardless of the golden envelope reveal!”

The North East Business Awards celebrate achievement and highlight successful and innovative businesses doing great things in the area and, after the last year, we’re really looking forward to celebrating all things great about business in the North East!

Wish us luck!

Find out more about the North East Business Awards here: https://www.nebusinessawards.co.uk

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