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The Verve Group is a special place to work, learn and grow (even if we do say so ourselves). We offer different support services to financial advisers and planners – we literally do everything a typical financial advice firm would, except give the advice!

That’s not what makes us special though, it’s how and why we do what we do that is the real magic. We love financial services and we’re passionate about making it an attractive career choice to many who would otherwise not consider it. So, we’ve built a brand that busts the myths and a company culture that attracts and nurtures new talent.  

We believe that technology is the future of finance, and that’s why we create our own, to make sure that our clients are empowered and able to focus on providing the ultimate service to their own clients. And that’s where you come in! Ready to take on the world of FinTech? Then The Verve Group might be the right choice for you…

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the process.

We believe in people feeling comfortable in bringing their authentic self to work – we have an open and diverse working environment and so we designed our application process with exactly the same philosophy. It’s a three-stage process, each step designed to learn that little bit more about you as an individual.

So, leave all the typical CV phrases and corporate buzz-words at the door and truly embrace what we think is a really fun, unique and self-discovering application process.


From universities to ‘finfluencers’, we don’t work alone. We’re passionate about spreading the word about the career prospects available in financial services and to achieve that, we collaborate with others who share the same goal as us.

Our team partners with universities from across the UK to deliver employability sessions, our leadership team give their time as professional mentors to job-seeker initiatives as well as content creation collaborations with social media influencers.