it's not just
for grads.

don't have a degree?

not a problem.

Ok, we know our name might suggest otherwise but hear us out… The success of our scheme was initially down to attracting enthusiastic, career-hungry uni-leavers from across the UK. However, throughout the  global pandemic, we began to receive more and more applications from non-grads chancing their luck, but who were just as able, enthusiastic and career-hungry as those leaving uni.

So, as believers of spotting talent without the ‘grad’ label, we opened our doors to those who showed us their commitment to building a career in financial services. So, if you’re reading this, without a degree, be assured that you’re welcome here. You may not have any initials after your name – but we can help you with that.

kick-start your career.

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start your career in

file checking or
financial admin

as a financial services trainee.

start your career in

financial marketing,
client relations or
business operations

as a business support trainee

start your career in

software development,
product management,
quality assurance or
cyber security

as a technology trainee.

success stories? we have loads!

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