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The world of finance has often been one of the last industries to embrace new technology. It’s something that we’ve been working to change, with the likes of Apricity and Para-Sols both being testament to that!

In this role, you’ll join our ever-growing development team at The Verve Group and have the opportunity to be hands-on with the industry-changing technology that we build, helping us make change through FinTech.

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with para-sols

It’s considered by many that a paraplanner is fast becoming the most sought-after role in financial services. Integral in the financial advice journey, paraplanners are responsible for the nitty-gritty research and analysis that goes into financial advice giving members of the public good quality, compliant financial advice.

So, if working behind the scenes, where you get to exercise both your mind and typing hands, a paraplanning career with Para-Sols awaits you.

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compliance officer

with apricity

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a career in financial compliance doesn’t sound the most thrilling. We’d argue against the contrary though – anyone who thinks that hasn’t worked with us! The Apricity team work with clients to make sure that they are running a sound business and crucially, are giving ethical advice to their clients.

We’re positive disruptors and use technology to take care of the regulation aspect of running an advice firm.

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Ok, we know our name might suggest otherwise but hear us out… The success of our scheme was initially down to attracting enthusiastic, career-hungry uni-leavers from across the UK. However, throughout the recent global pandemic, we began to receive more and more applications from non-grads chancing their luck, but who were just as able, enthusiastic and career-hungry as those leaving uni.

So, as believers of spotting talent without the ‘grad’ label, we opened our doors to those who showed us their commitment to building a career in financial services. So, if you’re reading this, without a degree, be assured that you’re welcome here. You may not have any initials after your name – but we can help you with that.

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