What TGS has done for me – Hannah

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Hannah was our first ever grad to join the Apricity team and since coming on board, she has gone from strength to strength! Below, she tells us her story and explains what The Grad Scheme has done for her.

“In 2017 I graduated from the University of Law with an LLB Degree. When I left I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or what direction I wanted to go in – I was looking for a career, rather than a job. What I loved most about my time at university was constant personal development, paired with the fundamental researching element that sat behind the degree. Post-uni, a family friend pointed me in the direction of The Grad Scheme and after reading the website, I applied for the next co-hort.

Personally, what attracted me to The Grad Scheme was the ethos and drive at a company level to help you do well, to progress you and build your career. This ethos, alongside having a relaxed atmosphere and office, was the cherry on top for me – not to mentioned the office dogs! I’m a firm believer that you could be doing any job, anywhere in the world, but if you don’t enjoy the atmosphere and the people around you, then you aren’t going to be truly happy.

I applied for the paraplanner position originally, as the compliance role didn’t exist back then! I pride myself in being the first compliance grad. If the role was available at the time, I definitely would have applied for it! I love problem solving and really thrive when trying to piece all of the pieces together (I wish I was part of Gibbs team from NCIS so I could help him piece everything together). That’s what I really enjoyed about my degree, being given case studies and having to pick it apart and figure out the ‘why’ behind the actions.

What I really love about this job, apart from the endless supply of snacks, alcohol (from the office bar) and the great people that I’m surrounded by, is the support you get day to day. You never feel like you are asking a silly question or that you aren’t picking things up quick enough, because everyone is so patient with you and have all the time in the world for you, (even if they actually don’t).

You learn so much here and it’s crazy to think that just over a year ago I had no idea about the financial sector and how it all works. Fast forward fifteen months, and here I am talking to adviser’s day in day out about their work and being in a position to question them on that, challenge their thought process and present better solutions for them. Upon reflection, it really fills me with pride and confidence to know how far I’ve come over the last year and only makes me more excited for where I’m going to go.

The Grad Scheme has offered me the opportunity to be happy in my working environment, whilst enjoying a full, flourishing career. As I said, I didn’t have a clear career path in mind before I joined The Grad Scheme and now I have an exciting journey ahead in a career that I adore.”

Find out what The Grad Scheme can do for you by applying for our next cohort here.

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