so many grads

I know we keep harping on about it, but honestly, we just can’t get enough new grads when it comes to meeting the demand for new paraplanners within the industry! The rise of the paraplanner is well and truly here, and we’re feeling the impact more than ever. Firms are crying out for top quality paraplanners to not only to meet the ever increasing demand, but to future-proof their own businesses and allow for growth. And with a waiting list as long as our arm in our sister company, Para-Sols – we know how it feels!

So, as you can probably guess by our ‘not so subtle’ intro – we’ve recently welcomed some new graduate paraplanners to the Para-Sols team! Meet, Jade, Tom, Nicole and Becky…

So, tell us how you have found your first week…

Nicole: My first week here was great, it didn’t feel like a typical workplace because everyone was dressed causal and just seemed so at ease. I don’t have any background in finance so was a little worried about falling behind, but everyone here at the office is so approachable and patient with you. It’s not a matter of right or wrong, it’s more how can we help you improve which I really value about the company. I spent my first week worrying what the catch was but I’m yet to find one, I absolutely love it here!

Tom: I don’t think I could’ve asked for a more welcoming first week. I felt like a valued member of the team straight from the get-go and I really couldn’t wait to start learning everything about my role as a paraplanner. Everyone made a real effort to welcome me and the other new graduates, which was something that really stuck with me. It just shows how friendly everyone was and how happy they are to work here.

What did you think about The Grad Scheme recruitment process and how did you find the experience of the assessment day?

Becky: The recruitment process was completely different to anything I had done before and I think that’s what made it so good. During the assessment day I was able to be myself and I really enjoyed the different activities around the company values. They began with some fun games to make sure you felt comfortable and this helped me to just relax and enjoy the day! Also, I think the recruitment process really helped me to see what kind of company ‘The Verve Group’ is and this made me realise that I would love to be a part of this company!

Nicole: I loved the recruitment process for the Grad Scheme, it was different from any other job I’d applied for. The application was a lot more about finding out about me as a person, and not just what I sounded like on paper. I really enjoyed filling out the application compared to other jobs, even then I was questioning the job thinking surely, this isn’t a real job advert?  Like everyone else I was so nervous for the assessment day but after the first ten minutes I felt completely at ease. It was more like an informal group chat getting to know each other but with games and activities instead of a daunting interview where the spotlight is on you at all times.

What did you do when you first heard you’d been successful?

Tom: I got a phone call about the job while I was driving and I was so nervous about if I’d got the job, I forgot I could answer calls via my car. I eventually pulled over and called the number back, which to my delight revealed I had got the job. My instant response was to jump around in the golf course car park where I’d pulled over.

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about applying for The Grad Scheme?

Jade: Definitely just go for it. I have just graduated this summer with a Geography degree and didn’t think I would have this fantastic opportunity to work in financial services, but ‘The Verve Group’ have been exceptionally welcoming and supportive, providing first class learning resources to start my career in finance.

Becky: I think that for anyone wanting to apply then they should just do it. Even if it’s something completely new, it doesn’t matter. They are there to teach you everything you need to know about finance and it’s an incredible experience! All you need to do is to be yourself and that will show through the application process. I didn’t think that I would have gone into a career in finance but now I have I am loving every part of it!

What three words would you use to describe The Grad Scheme?

Nicole: Nurturing, innovative and engaging.

Tom: Welcoming, driven and pioneering.

Jade: Dynamic, outstanding and extraordinary.

Becky: Exciting, inspiring and motivating.

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