Personal growth

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Last week our Marketing & Communications Assistant, Jas, attended the B2B Marketing Expo, in London. It was a great opportunity for her to go along, attend some seminars and report back to the office full of new knowledge.

As a business, we think it’s incredibly important to invest in our team and to ensure that they’re constantly being given the chance to soak up more skills and learning. That’s why each individual is given a learning budget upon passing probation – this not only covers any exams they may need in order to gain their Diploma, but also extra curriculum activities relevant to their job role, including training sessions and workshops.

It’s vital that people feel they are experiencing personal growth – for example, not only did Jas get to attend seminars where she picked up new skills in her field, she also gained more experience speaking to the exhibitors, in turn, boosting her confidence.

We love seeing the knowledge transfer put into practice when someone returns from an out of office event – it makes us beam with pride that our team are so keen to expand their skills and we support them in every way we can!

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