Meet Para-Sols’ newest members… James, Dan and Jenna!

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Our new Para-Sols graduates James, Dan and Jenna, have settled in well after weeks of learning their new role as paraplanners. On the assessment day, all three displayed their hunger to learn and eagerness to be part of a growing company. Our new graduates excelled in these areas on the assessment day and it didn’t go unnoticed. All our paraplanners at Para-Sols have great skills in attention to detail and work well within their teams. So, on that note, let’s meet James, Dan and Jenna.

So, tell us how you have found your first week…

DanI found my first week thoroughly enjoyable, even just walking into the office I got the feeling it is like nowhere I have ever worked (or expected a workplace to be like). The company value of ‘Got Your Back’ is something which I have held close personally, and to see that implemented across The Verve Group, encouraging teamwork and promoting friendliness is fantastic.

JamesMy first week was brilliant, I really couldn’t have asked for a better start to life on The Grad Scheme! Even though I am new to the world of finance, the friendly atmosphere within the company soon took away any ‘first week nerves’ and really made me feel like one of the team right from the get-go.

JennaIt’s been amazing! I’ve been fully welcomed into the team and the high-spirited vibe you get from other colleagues is infectious. It’s such a unique working environment that I love being part of. My first week went so quickly, but I’ve learnt so much already and at the end of the week I felt a real sense of achievement.

What did you think about The Grad Scheme recruitment process and how did you find the experience of the assessment day?

Dan The recruitment process of The Grad Scheme was actually really enjoyable! My previous jobs applications were boring and actually a chore to fill in, but the ‘little quiz’ made it feel really different.

JamesThe Grad Scheme always seems to have a way of allowing you to express yourself and showcase your personality, which was displayed from the application process right through to the assessment day. The best part about the recruitment process was that it was so enjoyable and that you didn’t feel like you were being assessed at all. Each activity is designed to reflect the company values and the positivity and personality of the company really shines through at each stage of the recruitment.

JennaThe application itself was like no other application I’ve ever completed, in fact I quite enjoyed it because of its originality. Attending the assessment day, I was really nervous at the start, but shortly after those nerves were gone and it almost became a fun activity day, which I found really enjoyable – or it could have been the mimosas they provided upon arrival. From that moment I knew it would be a great place to work.


What did you do when you first heard you’d been successful?

DanI was absolutely elated! It made my subsequent trip to the dentist that bit less daunting as I was riding on a high the whole time! After the year I have had personally – I lost my job due to a road traffic accident and being out of work for nearly a year – it was just amazing to hear I had the job, within an industry I recently became slightly obsessional about. I was also happy to finally work for a company that, to me, looked to tick all the boxes of what you would look for in a place to work.

James – When I answered the call and was told that I’d been successful I was in total shock, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Given everything that had gone on in the past year, securing a grad job seemed a million miles away and I didn’t think for a second that an opportunity like this would come along.

JennaI felt a wave of mixed emotions I was totally overwhelmed. There were so many brilliant candidates on the day but I knew really wanted to work here and that must have shown. After home-schooling my children for many years, I felt that I needed to start my own career and The Verve Group is where I wanted it to start.


What are you most looking forward to over the next two years of The Grad Scheme?

DanThere is probably too much to write about what I am looking forward to. My main two things would be that I am driven by education and learning, so being able to get my diploma, alongside gaining work experience relevant to the industry which I want to be in is a gratifying feeling. Secondly, meeting new people and making new friends.

JamesWhile I am really looking forward to the opportunity to learn some new skills and gain my diploma, I am most looking forward to meeting the rest of the team in person, once it is safe for everyone to return to the office. Having already been added to several group messages, it’ll be great to finally put faces to names, learn a bit more about everyone and begin to create new friendships.

JennaI’d have to say I’m most looking forward to learning new skills to help me with my development. I’m naturally an inquisitive person and I have a real thirst for knowledge so I’m excited to study for my exams and get better in role as a paraplanner.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying?

Dan In the words of Shia LeBeouf, ‘Just do it’. What do you have to lose compared to what there is to potentially gain? If the stereotype of finance – old men in suits with briefcases and absolutely no personality – is putting you off, I can personally confirm it is nothing like this at The Verve Group.

JamesI would say to future grads to just be yourself. Don’t try and overthink it because you’ll end up writing something that isn’t a true reflection of who you are. The Grad Scheme is definitely for people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and that’s what I feel attracted me to apply. I would also recommend them to just go for it. You might be surprised to hear that a career in finance doesn’t have to be boring or mundane, and The Verve Group definitely breaks the mould in that aspect.

JennaGo for it! No matter where you are with your career/life at the moment, if you want change and you want to be part of a visionary company, then The Verve Group is for you. Don’t hold back in your applications and if you are successful to get to the assessment day, just be yourself and enjoy the day.

Give me three words to describe The Grad Scheme?

DanRefreshing, enjoyable and gratifying.

JamesBold, unique and progressive.

JennaEmpowering, invigorating and edifying.

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