Meet Para-Sols newest members… Dan and Becky!

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Another grad assessment day has been and gone and with it brought some fresh new talent into the industry. Para-Sols have onboarded two graduate paraplanners, Dan and Becky, who are currently undertaking some intensive training and are already smashing their way through suitability reports (impressive, huh?!). During the assessment day, they both expressed how eager they were to join Para-Sols and be part of a forward-thinking company. With buckets of enthusiasm, it’s no wonder they have fitted right in with the rest of the team. Without further ado, let’s hear from Becky and Dan themselves on how they’re finding being part of The Grad Scheme…

So, how did you find your first month at The Grad Scheme?

Dan: I’ve loved every minute of it. You learn a lot in your first few weeks, but with the support available, it becomes manageable and not too stressful. You can tell that everyone in the office has your back and they are ready to help you whenever they can. They’ve been through this process of learning, so it has put my mind at ease that I’m not asking too many questions – everyone has to start somewhere.

Becky: My first month has been absolutely amazing – I can’t believe it’s been a full month already! Everyone has been so helpful and friendly; I honestly couldn’t have asked for it to be any better. It’s lovely to work in such a friendly environment, with people who couldn’t be more supportive. I haven’t worked anywhere like this before.

Describe your first impressions you had on your first day…

Dan: My initial thought was that the job advert and assessment day was exactly how they said it was going to be. A great office vibe with music and a chilled environment, surrounded by people who will help you. I felt comfortable asking for help and it made it easier for me, from then I realised, it’s definitely not your typical finance workplace!

Becky: When I first stepped into the office, I was shocked at how relaxed and chilled the environment was; I soon realised that The Verve Group did not fit the typical finance stereotype. My first-day nerves definitely disappeared when I realised the office was not what I expected, because when you think of finance you think of a fast-paced environment but instead, it was the complete opposite. It was great to be introduced to everyone in the office and join the family officially. 

What was your favourite thing about the application process?

Dan: I really enjoyed the assessment day. I didn’t know what to expect at first but I was caught off guard by how relaxed and fun it was. I left the office feeling really good about myself, which is very unusual after an interview. I think the traditional interview process is quite tedious and outdated, however, the assessment day really focused on our personality rather than our qualifications. Hopefully, more companies use this approach for their interview processes because it was fantastic.

Becky: I enjoyed writing the short-story section because it was refreshing to write about whatever I wanted – which is usually unheard-of during applications, but The Grad Scheme application process is all about expressing your personality, so that’s exactly what I did! I enjoyed how unique the process was and it continued throughout the application process.

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about applying for The Grad Scheme?

Dan: Just go for it! Show your passion and creativity in your application and interact on the assessment day. It’s really noticeable when people are acting to be somebody they’re not, so just be yourself.

Becky: Just apply! Don’t think too much into it, be yourself and The Grad Scheme will do the rest. I had no experience in the finance industry but I applied to The Grad Scheme with an open mind and the motivation to learn. I have learnt so much in the past month, my confidence is growing every day and I am having fun doing it. The application process itself is in no way dull or boring and I’m sure if you get to the assessment day, you will see exactly how progressive and empowering The Verve Group are.

Do you have any memorable moments so far?

Dan: A great moment would be having pizza for lunch for the company birthday, that was a nice surprise. That day was topped off by one of the office dogs making an appearance – what a day!

Becky: Hmm… The pizza day for the company birthday was a good memorable moment and when Kim brought her dog into the office. But I will always love it when I hear Jo shouting her Rosé order across the office because then you know it’s Friday afternoon.

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