Meet Apricity’s newest member… Megan

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After a successful ‘socially distanced’ assessment day in December, Megan stood out from the crowd with her excellent attention to detail and made the cut to join the Apricity team! A couple weeks have gone by and she is settling into her new role as a Compliance Support Officer – on that note, meet Megan!

So Megan, tell us how you have found your first week…

So far, so good. I have loved every minute of working with the other new starters, where we all work at the same pace and discover new modules together. Even though we will separate off in a couple of months to our different departments, it will have been really beneficial to have worked on each side of The Verve Group, from data gathering to looking at reports, to help us get the full picture of what is involved and see where we have shined or where we need to further improve certain skills.

Working as an Apricity team member is going smoothly and completing the onboarding courses has been really fun. I have loads of support from both my colleagues and the Learning & Development Manager, Kylie, and if we need help with anything, everyone is keen to lend a hand.  There’s always some sort of fun aspect to our learning, from the zoom meetings to the skype groups, there’s never a dull moment.

Tell us about how you found out about The Grad Scheme and your experience during the recruitment process?

I saw the advert for the position on Facebook and I quickly became hooked on both the variety of roles available and the impression of The Verve Group itself. Apricity is such a relaxed and friendly environment to work! From the onset, the recruitment process was very clear and simple, and so unlike any other grad scheme application forms I had seen in the past. The Verve Group’s personality really shined through the application questions, such as when asked what we’d consider our superhero name to be and why. It was a pleasure to apply for somewhere where they based successful applicants on personality and values, rather than just experience. The English test was great, I loved writing about my passion (painting!) and sharing my enthusiasm with others, and the maths test was honestly a breath of fresh air. Most places ask you to read complex graphs and ask about scenarios which would almost never happen. Thankfully, the maths section of the application was more down-to-earth and tasked you on relatable situations. The assessment day itself was the best I have ever been on. We were welcomed with Mimosas which immediately put our nerves aside and played rounds of Pictionary, among other games. I found it really interesting that the activities were based around the company values. It showed me that they take pride in who they are as a company and what they were looking for in the new candidates.

What was your first reaction when you heard you’d been successful?

When I discovered that I was successful, I jumped out of my chair and did a little silent jig around the house (whilst still on the phone to Nat!). I am over the moon to have been successful and join the Apricity team. I was in the middle of working for a telesales company and I knew in my heart that I wanted to work somewhere where I could learn and challenge myself on the job, and knew that the compliance support role was exactly what I wanted.

What are you most looking forward to in the next two years?

I am so excited to learn new skills and progress in my role in the world of compliance. I loved my time in education, constantly learning something new so The Grad Scheme has given me the perfect opportunity to continue that learning journey. I’m so excited to meet the full team post-COVID and build up some friendships with new faces as well. I can’t wait to just get stuck in!

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