Assessment Day Triumph

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First off, apologies for the recent radio silence. We know, it’s not like us but we’ve been busy recruiting some super awesome grads to help us out with our world-domination plans so we hope you’ll forgive us on this occasion. It won’t happen again (ok, maybe it will but we’ll try not to).

You avid Para-Sols fans will recall that last month we were jumping up and down and shouting from the rooftops about the relaunch of our graduate training programme – now appropriately named The Grad Scheme (as in the one and only). Since then, we’ve been working on making sure ‘Cohort 1’ was a storming success – and it has been! Phew.

We received our first application within the first 2 hours of launching, reviewed over 30 in March alone and have a further 25 so far this month so it’s certainly been an overwhelmingly positive start.

We hosted the first Assessment Day last week and were lucky enough to spend the day with those who passed Stages 1 and 2 – that means those who impressed us with their CV credentials, personality quiz answers and online Maths and English assessments. In true re-launch style, we revisited the agenda and made sure it was packed with equal measures of fun and challenge including a Pictionary icebreaker, group exercises such as an Anneka Rice style research task, one-to-one interviews and a bit of personality profiling and cape making in there too.

They were a great bunch and thankfully, each one them came with bags of energy and enthusiasm just as we asked. The initial nerves were quickly side-lined and they each settled into the day nicely – it was then we got a glimpse of the real personalities behind the CV and that for us was key. Skills can be taught but attitude can’t and as we take a value-based approach to recruitment, it was important for us that we found candidates who we felt would truly live and breathe our company values.

Lucky for us, we found 3 of them. Lucky for you, you get to meet them in next months blog!

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