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financial services, just not as you know it.

Our mission is to shout about how brilliant a career in financial services is! It is such an under-represented career, and we are passionate about highlighting the many amazing paths and options that are available in industry, to encourage people from all walks of life to choose finance as their future. 

We believe that technology is the future of finance, and that’s why we create our own, to make sure that our clients are empowered and able to focus on providing the ultimate service to their own clients. And that’s where you come in! Ready to take on the world of FinTech? Then The Verve Group might be the right choice for you…


the uk's top dog for outsourced paraplanning.

Para-Sols are the UK’s leading paraplanning firm providing bespoke paraplanning support to advisers nationwide. We’re a young, dynamic team (the average age is 28, just in case you’re wondering!) with an impressive trophy cabinet, and are often considered ‘stand out’, and dare we say a bit quirky, in our field.

Due to the nature of our work and because we manage a large portfolio of clients (each with their own preferences and requirements) we’re a busy and fast-paced office and as a team of damn good report writers, we pride ourselves on our meticulous detail and our expert technical knowledge.


the cool kid on the compliance block.

When we say we do compliance differently, we mean it! Apricity was formed from understanding the frustrations advisers have with regulation, and wanting to do something to change that. The Apricity team blend finance and compliance expertise, with a practical and common-sense attitude. So, if that sounds like you, read on…

Our mission is to move financial services forward and use the latest technology to make it fit for the modern world. Although it is a new(ish) business, we have a talented and enthusiastic team in place who don’t like to stand still, so it’s a busy but rewarding environment to be in!

the art of finance

creating colourful careers in financial services.

The baby of the group, The Art of Finance provides training to those looking to get into, or further develop their career in, financial services.

It’s designed for people who want something a bit different and are keen to take a fresh approach to both finance and their learning. Financial services is ever-changing and The Art of Finance believes that training should be ever-evolving too. From supported programmes to achieve a level 4 diploma, right through to express topics and exam support, our students will learn both the technical knowledge and the practical skills needed for their chosen career.

So, if a colourful career is what you’re looking for, a role within The Art of Finance might just just be what you need to paint your own future in financial services.