so, how does it work?

discover more about the grad scheme, how it works and what we think makes the perfect grad.

The Grad Scheme is a structured two-year training programme, combining an initial 6-month probation with on-the-job training and any exam qualifications you need to accelerate your career in financial services.

Like anything, you will start with the basics, like learning how to make the tea (ok, that’s a joke!) and getting to grips with the ins-and-outs of ‘The Verve Group’ as a company. This will give you a taste of the type of brand we are and how we operate. It will also introduce you to the clients we provide a service for and the culture and environment we’ve created – so you can really immerse yourself within the team and ultimately, excel in your role.

We appreciate that everyone is different and we all learn at different paces, so as long as we can see the potential in you, we’re happy for you to progress through the two-year programme at your own speed, obviously with some key milestones agreed from the outset to make sure you keep on track. Naturally, those milestones will reflect the role you take in the business – think of it as your very own personal career guide!

upcoming 2022 cohort dates...

monday 18th april 2022 - deadline for applications
thursday 21st april 2022 - last day for maths and english test
thursday 28th april 2022 - assessment day

step one: apply & assess.

Initially, all we need from you is to fill in our application form to help us get a sense of who you are, this includes a personality quiz (all in the name of fun we promise) and if you’re applying for the paraplanning or compliance role, then a basic maths and english skills test. If you’re applying for the web developer role there will a short skills test to complete.

That, plus your CV and a cover letter and you’re good to go! For those more creative types, don’t be shy, we review video applications in the same way as written ones!

step two: discuss.

Easy peasy! Once we’re happy you’ve given us a banging application, we’ll book in an initial chat, which will give you the chance to ask us any questions about the scheme, as well as us being able to discuss your application further.

step three: impress.

All being well at this point, we’ll invite you and the other grads in your cohort to join us for our Impress Day. It’s typically 10am-2pm in our head office in Darlington and is a day of two halves. We kick off with a series of group interactive activities in the morning, then, in the afternoon have a more traditional style one-to-one interview. Our most successful case studies come from having a good chemistry fit and we believe it’s just as important that you get a good measure of us, as it is that we do of you. 

step four: success.

You’ve obviously impressed us and you’re now an official team member of The Grad Scheme! The last step in the recruitment process is your Success Day – so after a whooping and cheering welcome from the rest of the team, we’ll walk you through the rest of the day and introduce you to our world!